A British Cycling initiative called Go Ride, encourages youngsters to enjoy cycling and develop lifelong bike handling skills, with the aim that the riders will progress to cycle racing in one of its varied forms. There are over 350 Go Ride Clubs across the UK running sessions, holiday camps or events and many of the British Cycling team started out as young members of those clubs.

One of our directors, Rob Hudson regularly coaches kids at the Calder Clarion cycling club. Sessions run each Thursday night on a purpose built traffic free circuit in Wakefield and is attended by kids aged 6 to 16. The aim is to give the riders the skills they need to confidently handle a bike whilst having fun. 

Baile Homes also sponsors Cycling Sheffield, who agreed to team up and join one of the sessions designed to inspire kids to get on a bike! Two of the Cycling Sheffield Team, Ewan & James rode alongside the kids, offering tips and support and certainly having fun. Their Team Manager Dave Coulson also came along to support the riders and the kids were more than impressed by the Team Car and team bikes. 

Also keen cyclists, Mike Williamson and Jason Albrecht came along to watch, with Jason getting in the saddle for the second run. It was a chance for Jason to discover how good the go Ride kids are and experience riding alongside the high-level talent at Cycling Sheffield.

Cycling Sheffield attracts sponsorship from local businesses and organisations who want to support the city based team. Baile Homes are a proud sponsor and never miss an opportunity to get their own keen cyclists on two wheels.

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