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A British Cycling initiative called Go Ride, encourages youngsters to enjoy cycling and develop lifelong bike handling skills, with the aim that the riders will progress to cycle racing in one of its varied forms. There are over 350 Go Ride Clubs across the UK running sessions, holiday camps or events and many of the British Cycling team started out as young members of those clubs.

One of our directors, Rob Hudson regularly coaches kids at the Calder Clarion cycling club. Sessions run each Thursday night on a purpose built traffic free circuit in Wakefield and is attended by kids aged 6 to 16. The aim is to give the riders the skills they need to confidently handle a bike whilst having fun. 

Baile Homes also sponsors Cycling Sheffield, who agreed to team up and join one of the sessions designed to inspire kids to get on a bike! Two of the Cycling Sheffield Team, Ewan & James rode alongside the kids, offering tips and support and certainly having fun. Their Team Manager Dave Coulson also came along to support the riders and the kids were more than impressed by the Team Car and team bikes. 

Also keen cyclists, Mike Williamson and Jason Albrecht came along to watch, with Jason getting in the saddle for the second run. It was a chance for Jason to discover how good the go Ride kids are and experience riding alongside the high-level talent at Cycling Sheffield.

Cycling Sheffield attracts sponsorship from local businesses and organisations who want to support the city based team. Baile Homes are a proud sponsor and never miss an opportunity to get their own keen cyclists on two wheels.

For more info on Cycling Sheffield:

Leeds couples epic Christmas display

After a busy week across the sites we are finishing off by dropping our old pallets for recycling at Candy Cane Lane. May and Rod are aiming to use them to create a ginger bread house for their Christmas display. Glad we could help, we wish them luck and look forward to seeing the results.



Congratulations to George Wood who came in first at Spokes RR, Aberdeenshire and to Will Harding who joined him on the winning podium in third place. Great result and a huge shout out to all the team plus the supporters. Looking forward to seeing the riders perform throughout the summer and wishing them good luck!


We’re thrilled that CYCLING SHEFFIELD has been awarded ‘Elite Development Team’ status by British Cycling. The recognition is a fitting acknowledgment of the commitment from all the supporters and partners and Baile Homes is proud to sponsor such a dedicated team. well done to all involved and here’s to future success.


Our site manager Jason Albrecht is our designated superhero this month. He completed a triathlon for local charity and deserves our heartfelt congratulations (and possibly a beer!)

He must be super fit because he still has the energy to manage all our developments as well as impressing us with the cycling skills. Cheers to Jason.



Baile Homes is thrilled to reveal the new team shirts for Cycling Sheffield which feature our branding. With quite a few keen cyclists at Baile, our sponsorship of Team Cycling Sheffield was a popular choice. We can’t wait to see some shirts at the front of a few Pelotons and hopefully first over the finish line but we’ll be cheering the riders on whatever their position.

As the sponsor for 2021, we’re delighted to be supporting young riders and the Sheffield community at large. Taking part in activities has a huge positive impact on health, fitness and mental wellbeing and cycling also has the added benefit of reducing carbon emissions as a mode of transport. It’s a win-win scenario and we hope to post more winning news as the season unfolds. Meanwhile, we wish the Cycling Sheffield team the very best of luck for 2021.



It’s no coincidence that some of our staff at Baile Homes are cycling enthusiasts. So when we had the opportunity to support a cycling team that focusses on encouraging young riders, we got on board with the 2021 programme.

Cycling Sheffield helps to nurture and develop young riders emerging through the ranks. Baile Homes will sponsor activities around the 2021 season and we’re sure that one or two of our own ‘team’ will be shouting them on.



There’s no denying that 2020 has been a challenging year for most of us. And with many being forced to adapt to life in lockdown it’s highlighted the importance of having a safe and calming environment.

It has really focussed our efforts to consider a space where the work/life balance can co-exist and we’ll be applying or expertise in building homes with that at the forefront of design.

Meanwhile, we’d like to wish everyone ‘Season’s Greetings” and the very best for 2021.



We’re are pleased to welcome our new site manager, Jason Albrecht who joins us with over a decade of homebuilding experience under his belt. We know he’ll bring valuable expertise to our team.Jason is already getting stuck in at our Mowbray Court site near Dishforth, ensuring that our high standards of construction are being met and keeping everything on schedule to deliver four more executive homes.

We caught up with him for a moment on site and asked him how he was enjoying being part of the Baile Homes family. He said: “It’s a pleasure to be working with the team, everyone from the construction crew to the people back at the office have one objective: to build beautiful homes with a wow factor. I can’t wait to start handing over the keys to our residents, that’s the most satisfying part of the job.”