What a year it’s been. WFH (working from home) has become the new norm, the usual daily routine has been totally transformed and families have spent more time than ever together – in a good or not so good way – we’ll let you decide.

It’s made people consider their spaces from a different perspective. Communal areas became territorial office space, spare rooms were commandeered for zoom calls and gardens became a vital substitute for traditional outdoor social venues.

The challenges of Covid living will no doubt influence the demand for homes that offer a ‘live/work’ layout and spaces that satisfy all members of the family: developers who ignore those requirements risk falling short of their buyers’ expectations.

Home builders would be wise to study the shift in lifestyles. Many people now WFH permanently, others have discovered a passion for gardening or entertaining outdoors. Multi generations may choose to co-habit, rather than risk a return to the painful separations under Covid regulations.

We have certainly developed a different relationship with our homes and new build houses need to reflect the ‘new normal’.