When local school, Hipperholme Grammer, wanted to challenge their year 10 students with an environmental problem, Baile Homes helped them to solve two issues with one solution.

We donated some of our excess pallets, ticking a big box for ‘recycling’ but what they did with those pallets was ingenious. They dismantled each one and, using the pieces together with other recycled materials, they created bee houses.



Bee boxes make a significant impact on the landscape, providing crucial nesting habitat for some of our solitary bee populations, who then go on to pollinate crops. Without bees, our fragile ecosystem would be in jeopardy, so it’s important to encourage pollinators.

Baile Homes are thrilled to see our pallets transformed into ‘designer’ homes for bees. Our own homes are no less attractive and just as beautifully made – although we use the very best materials, not pallets!

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